Our masonry improvements are built to last. We install durable repairs that meet the expectations of our clients. A clean and orderly work site is a high priority for both our clients and ourselves and we strive to minimize disruptions while work is completed. We have carried out numerous commercial and residential projects and our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the final product:

“Drahamane (Head Mason) and his partner showed up at 800 each day and worked until approximately 5 pm. A true craftsman! I cannot even tell where they did the patch jobs. They removed some old caulk that a previous owner had put in a crack and replaced it with mortar. All work was done with hand chisels and tools. Mortar was custom mixed on site to match the color of my house. They removed items from their way, including patio furniture, so it did not get dirty and damaged by falling mortar. They cleaned up extremely well including removing all debris, hosed off the patio, and wiped down doors. My old home was looking a little run down after 80 years, but looks brand new again, ready for another 80 years. They will be coming back to work on my stone retaining walls.”‐ J. Rouse, Randle Highlands, DC

“Brick by Brick showed up on time and we talked through how to organize the work to help maintain access to the building. Over two days they demonstrated craftsmanship and care. They kept me informed on additional issues they found and went above and beyond the quoted workload. The work area was kept clean with posted safety signs when they left at night. Overall the steps look great and I have confidence they will last for many years.”‐ J. Heming, Eckington, DC

“Great work. Very professional, friendly, prompt, conscientious. Would absolutely go to again for historic brick repair.”‐ A. Thompson, Bloomingdale, DC

“This is my second time using Brick By Brick, and I am even more pleased by the amazing work that they performed. The description of what Brick By Brick performed does not do the quality of work justice, but I will try. I have a large brick wall that runs along my entire basement, almost up to my kitchen. It was the single thing about my home that I disliked more than anything. Approximately 60% of the wall was covered with paint that had been applied between 7‐10 years ago. Parts of it were white, while some it had yellowed. There was at least one layer, maybe two. I received a number of quotes for the project, and advice that was all over the map. A number of things stood out about brick by brick. First, they asked what my goals were. Other contractors told me what they would do, but few tried to understand what I wanted. Second, the quote was very competitive. They beat the price of a competitor that often gets reviewed on Angies List (I also called him in for quote, but I don’t like naming others!) even though the competitor was not willing to do the work of actually taking the paint off (which was a key part of the project). The project itself took over 4 days. I observed much of the work, which included what seemed like endless scraping of the wall, literally brick by brick. The quality of the repointing work was fantastic, as always. Drahamane and his assistant were courteous, prompt, and did a great job cleaning up after themselves every day. I got so comfortable with the both of them that I was happy to leave them at my home unattended, which I have never done with another contractor. I can’t speak highly enough of their work, or how nice everyone at Brick By Brick is!” ‐ A. Clapsis, Capital Hill, DC

“Mr. Drahamane repaired the inferior work that was provided by someone else 6 months ago. He is very responsive and does the work himself‐‐with great care that comes with his extensive experience in providing repair to concrete and brick work. He carefully matched the color of the mortar and duplicated the techniques of the original work done 65 years ago. He repaired a broken piece of the concrete exterior landing. It was done so carefully one would not know it had been repaired. It was a pleasure to work with Drahamane and I would hire him again whenever I needed brick or masonry work done. He carefully cleaned up at the end of each work day. He was informative and educational as he explained what he was doing. A real gem!” S. Steury, Dupont Circle, DC