Why Choose Brick by Brick?

Our Work

Masonry: It’s what we do…

Masonry restoration is challenging work, but it’s also artwork. And a specialty trade. The nature of masonry requires intimate knowledge of factors beyond the time-honored science of bricks and mortar. Similar to other specialties like web site design, carpentry or legal work, while anyone can do masonry work, not everyone will do it well without experience.  Masonry is our speciality and it’s all we do.

We are delighted to share some examples of our craft in the Portfolio section and invite you to give us a call for a free estimate on services.

We Live Here.

Because we’re a local-grown firm we are sensitive to the specific masonry challenges of the District of Columbia and all the beauty it’s old marble, stone, granite and brick buildings offer. Triple-B specializes in delivering restoration solutions that maintain the charm and beauty of the local stone and brick work here while creating a functional and durable work of artisanship.

You will easily find these services more expensive elsewhere. ?

Another benefit of choosing a local firm is the reduced cost it allows us to operate under. We’re not a huge organization and don’t carry the overhead requirements of one. We’re nimble, and can pass the efficiency of our size and scale on to our customers.

We are proud to serve the District of Columbia and look forward to completing your next restoration project.